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As a racehorse or greyhound owner who may wish to participate in several different racing jurisdictions, you can simplify the process by completing this application for an OWNER’S license. Copy it and send it to any of the racing jurisdictions listed (see the last page of this form) you’ll be racing in. Some racing commissions may require additional information from you. This form is only for those owners who will not be applying for any other type of license (i.e., trainer, driver, etc.)

Version 8.5
Updated December 2018
Current version of ARCI’s Model Rules.  Archived versions can be found here.

Form used to propose a new Model Rule or modify and existing policy
Anyone can make a proposal to change or improve racing regulatory policy by proposing a new Model Rule or an amendment to an existing Rule.

Version 14.0
Updated January 2019
Current version of ARCI’s Drug Testing Standards and Practice Program Uniform Classifications Guidelines.

Version 4.1
Updated January 2019
Current version of ARCI Controlled Therapeutic Schedule.