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Originally formed in 1934, the Association of Racing Commissioners International (RCI) is composed of the governmental regulators of horse and greyhound racing in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Trinidad-Tobago, and the Equestrian Club of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. RCI members are legally charged with the responsibility to ensure the integrity of racing and pari-mutuel wagering. The association exists to assist in the coordination of the collective efforts of it members who are responsible for ensuring compliance with government laws and regulations designed to protect the general public and racing industry participants, including the equine and canine athletes.

Recognizing the multi-jurisdictional nature of the regulated sport, RCI provides a mechanism for collective policy formation, the exchange of information, research, education and training, integrity advocacy, and the development of reforms and services designed to assist its members operate more effectively and efficiently.

RCI members conduct background investigations and license the participants in racing to safeguard the public interest. Our members operate the most aggressive drug testing program of any professional sport – testing for more substances at deeper levels. Our Stewards officiate the contests and sanction those who violate the rules. RCI members adjudicate appeals and impose sanctions as appropriate. RCI collaborates with racing industry organizations who share our common goal of ensuring integrity in racing.

RCI is a not-for-profit corporation with no direct regulatory authority. Its members individually possess regulatory authority within their jurisdictions and solely determine whether to adopt RCI recommendations on policies and rules.  In some cases, portions of the RCI Model Rules have been adopted “by reference” in statute or regulation, elevating the impact of the RCI policy development process.


2018-2019 Board of Directors


J. Michael Hopkins
Maryland, USA

Edward J. Martin
New York, USA

Corinne Sweeney
Pennsylvania, USA

Tom Sage
Nebraska, USA

Immediate Past-Chair:
Jeffrey Colliton
Washington, USA

Board Members

Rick Baedecker
California Horse Racing Board
Dan Hartman
Colorado Racing Commission
Larry Eliason
South Dakota Commission on Gaming
Bob Lopez
Washington State Racing Commission
Charles Gardiner, III
Louisiana State Racing Commission
– Vacancy –
Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency
Marc Guilfoil
Kentucky Horse Racing Commission
Tom DiPasquale
Minnesota Racing Commission
Denny Lee (Ex-Officio)              
Nebraska Racing Commission
Duncan Patterson (Ex-Officio)
Delaware Thoroughbred Commission
Charles Moore
Wyoming Racing Commission
Dr. David Kangaloo
Trinidad-Tobago Racing Authority
Edward Menton
Mobile County (AL) Racing Commission
John Wayne
Delaware Thoroughbred Commission
Ron Ochrym
New York Gaming Commission
Brett Stone
Ontario Racing Commission
Judy Nason
New Jersey Racing Commission
Michael Smith
Indiana Racing Commission
Dave Lermond
Virginia Racing Commission
Mark Lamberth (Ex-Officio)
Arkansas Racing Commission

All regulatory agencies that are ARCI members are seated on the Board automatically as “ex-officio”, non-voting members.

ARCI Committees


Denny Lee – Nebraska, Chair

Larry Eliason – South Dakota
Charles Gardiner – Louisiana
Dan Hartman – Colorado
Ed Martin – RCI President, Ex-Officio


Continuing Education/Training
Larry Eliason – Chair
Chip Kenmitz – South Dakota, Vice-Chair
Alan Monat – Illinois (Regulator Alum)
Dave Lermond – Virginia                                        Hugh Gallagher – New York Racing Association
Ed Martin – RCI President, Ex-Officio


Drug Testing Standards & Practices
Duncan Patterson – Delaware Thoroughbred, Chair
John Wayne – Delaware Thoroughbred, Vice Chair
Charles Gardiner – Louisiana
Denny Lee – Nebraska
Dr. Scott Palmer – New York
Dr. Adam Chambers – Ontario
Dr. Carolyn Cooper – CPMA
Joe Lucas – Oklahoma
Dr. Rick Arthur – California
Charles Moore – Wyoming
Doug Moore – Washington
Mike Hopkins – Maryland
Dr. Mary Scollay – Kentucky
Dr. Lynn Hovda – Minnesota
Rick Goodell – New York
Ed Martin – RCI President, Ex-Officio


Equine Safety Committee
Dr. Corinne Sweeney – Pennsylvania, Chair
Dr. Scott Palmer – New York
Henry Decker – Delaware
Mark Lamberth – Arkansas
Dr. Mary Scollay – Kentucky
Mike Hopkins – Maryland
Ed Martin – RCI President, Ex-Officio


Executive Committee
Mike Hopkins – MD, Chairman
Ed Martin – RCI President
Dr. Corinne Sweeney – PA, Chair-Elect/Secretary
Tom Sage – NE, Treasurer
Jeff Colliton – WA, Immediate Past Chair
Vacant – NY, Large Handle Representative


Finance & Audit
Tom Sage – Nebraska, Chair
Dan Hartman – Colorado
Doug Moore – Washington
Ed Martin – RCI President, Ex-Officio


Judy Nason – New Jersey, Chair
Dan Hartman – Colorado
Jeff Colliton – Washington
Mark Lamberth – Arkansas


Greyhound Racing
Eddie Menton – Mobile, AL, Chair
Chuck Trout – Texas
Mark Lamberth – Arkansas
Dr. Ronald Smith – Mobile, AL
Smokey Campbell – Arkansas
Kelli Talbott – West Virginia
Bill Phillips – West Virginia
Ed Martin – RCI President, Ex-Officio


Licensing & Technology
John Wayne – Delaware Thoroughbred, Chair
Deena Pitman – Indiana
Joe Dillmore – Florida
Nina Modugno – New Jersey
Colleen Hurlbert – Minnesota
Ed Martin – RCI President, Ex-Officio


Model Rules
Denny Lee – Nebraska, Chair
Doug Moore – Washington, Vice Chair
John Wayne – Delaware Thoroughbred
Rick Goodell – New York.      Marc Guilfoil – Kentucky
Dan Hartman – Colorado
Mike Hopkins – Maryland
Rick Baedecker – California
Mark Lamberth – Arkansas
Charles Gardiner – Louisiana
Dave Lermond – Virginia
vacant – CPMA
Duncan Patterson – Delaware
Tom Sage – Nebraska
Tom DiPasquale – Minnesota
Kelly Cathay – Oklahoma
Ed Martin – RCI President, Ex-Officio


Pari-Mutuel Auditors Committee
Connie Woods Winn – Oregon, Chair
Sylvie Dubreil – CPMA, Vice Chair
Brande Koltiska – Wyoming
Steve May – Kentucky
Tom Sage – Nebraska
Joe Scurto – Minnesota
Toni Harris – Idaho
Sidney Schmitt – Louisiana
Bob Lang – Illinois
Francisco Gonzalez – California
Karla Vaughn – Indiana
Lindsey Hause – Oklahoma
Cheryl Janssen – Michigan
Curley Trahan – Texas
Pamela Kilgore – Colorado
Diane Vanduen – Nebraska
Susan Christian – South Dakota
Ed Martin – RCI President, Ex-Officio
Rider & Driver Welfare and Safety Committee
Doug Moore – Washington, Chair
Allan Monat – Illinois (Regulator Alum)
Ed Stegemeier – Delaware Thoroughbred
Tom Sage – Nebraska
Marc Guilfoil – Kentucky
Brett Revington – Pennsylvania Standardbred
Terry Meyocks – Industry Rep, Ex-Officio
Ed Martin – RCI President, Ex-Officio
Regulatory Attorneys Committee
Rhea Loney – Louisiana, Chair
Joshua Laws – Virginia
John Forgy – Kentucky
Mark Fenner – Texas
Angela Holland – Ontario
Patricia Sifferle – Minnesota
Michael Axelrod -Colorado
Kate Marshman – Florida
Katherine Laurent – Illinois
Kelli Talbott – West Virginia
Michael Kahler – Wyoming
Rick Goodell – New York
Andrew Kerber – Delaware
Edward Black – Delaware
Byron Freeland – Arkansas
Mary Ann Roberts – Oklahoma
Sherry Meador – Montana
Michael Shaw – South Dakota
Judith Nason – New Jersey
Robert Miller – California
Lea Ellingwood – Indiana
Regulatory Veterinanrian Committee
Dr. Lynn Hovda – Minnesota, Chair
Dr. Scott Palmer – New York
Dr. Scot Waterman – Indiana
Dr. Carolyn Cooper – CPMA
Dr. Alexander Lightbown – Massacusetts
Dr. Mark Anderson – Colorado
Dr. Matt Cooley – Louisiana
Dr. Daniel Erickson – Wyoming
Dr. James Summers – Pennsylvania
Dr. Joanne Wheetman – British Columbia
Dr. Joe Lokanc – Arkansas
Dr. Trey James – Texas
Dr. Susan Botts – Delaware Thoroughbred
Dr. Julia Hagihara – Idaho
Dr. Ron Friedman – Washington
Dr. Mary Scollay – Kentucky
Dr. Adam Chambers – Ontario
Dr. Dale Gibson – Alberta
Dr. Kelly Manzer – Montana
Dr. Rich Harden – Virginia
Dr. Rick Arthur – California
Dr. Stacy Katler – Oregon
Dr. William Frank – Michigan
Dr. Deborah Lamparter – New Jersey
Dr. Roger Cooper – South Dakota
Dr. David Radechel – Nebraska
Ed Martin – RCI President, Ex-Officio
Quarter Horse Racing
Charles Moore – Wyoming
Dr. Ken Quirk – Texas
Ismael Trejo – New Mexico
Kelly Cathay – Oklahoma
Dan Fick – Iowa
Jacqueline Wagner – California
Ed Martin – RCI President, Ex- Officio
Standardbred Racing
Mark Davis – Delaware, Chair
Bob Schmitz – Ohio
Bill Crawford – Ohio
Brett Revington – Pennsylvania
Dr. Lynn Hovda – Minnesota
Mike Hopkins – Marlyand
Rick Goodell – New York
Beth Steele – Delaware
Mike Smith – Indiana
Doug Fenske – Alberta
Judy Nason- New Jersey
Ed Martin – RCI President, Ex-Officio
Wagering System Security
(Committee being reorganized)
Steve May – Kentucky
Eddie Monton – Mobile, AL
Ed Martin – RCI Prsident, Ex-Officio

Racing Regulatory Jurisdictions

Suite 720
9707 110 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta, CAN T5K 2L9
P: 780-415-5432
F: 780-488-5105

1110 West Washington
Suite 450
Phoenix, AZ 85007
P: 602-771-4263
F: 602-255-3883

Arkansas Racing Division
PO Box 3076
Little Rock, AR 72203
P: 501-682-1467
F: 501-682-5273

Greyhound Division
PO Box 2088
West Memphis, AR 72303-2008
P: 870-732-1331
F: 870-732-5926

Thoroughbred Division
PO Box 699
Hot Springs, AR 71902-0699
P: 501-623-1492
F: 501-623-9443
1000 John Rogers Drive
Suite 102
Birmingham, AL 35203
P: 205-838-7470
British Columbia Gaming

Racing Division
#408-4603 Kingsway Avenue
Burnaby, BC, CAN, V5H 4M4
P: 604-660-7400

1010 Hurley Way
Suite 300
Sacramento, CA 95825
P: 916-263-6000
F: 916-263-6042
Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency

PO Box 5904
LCD Merivale
Ottawa, ON, CAN K2C 3X7
P: 613-759-6100
F: 613-759-6230

1707 Cole Boulevard
Suite 350
Lakewood, CO 80401
P: 303-866-6743
Delaware Harness Racing Commission

2320 South DuPont Highway
Dover, DE 19901
P: 302-698-4599
F: 302-697-6287
Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission

777 Delaware Park Boulevard
Wilmington, DE 19804
P: 302-994-2521
F: 302-994-3567

Al Thumamah Road
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
P: +966 55 520 4499

2601 Blair Stone Road
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1035
P: 850-487-1395
F: 850-488-0550

700 South Stratford Drive
Meridian, ID 83642
P: 208-884-7080
F: 208-884-7098

Illinois Racing Board

100 West Randolph Street
Suite 5-700
Chicago, IL 60601
P: 312-814-2600
F: 312-814-5062

1302 North Meridian
Suite 175
Indianapolis, IN 46202
P: 317-233-3119
F: 317-233-4470

DMACC Capitol Center
1300 Des Moines Street
Suite 100
Des Moines, IA 50309
P: 515-281-7352
F: 515-242-6560

8 Winchester Road
Kingston 10, Jamaica
P: 876-926-2718
F: 876-926-2207

700 SW Harrison
Suite 500
Topeka, KS 66603-3754
P: 785-296-5800
F: 785-296-0900

4063 Iron Works Parkway
Building B
Lexington, KY 40511
P: 859-246-2040
F: 859-246-2039

320 North Carrollton Avenue
Suite 2-B
New Orleans, LA 70119-5100
P: 504-483-4000
F: 504-483-4898
PO Box 830724
Tuskegee, AL 36083
P: 334-727-0121

28 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0028
P: 207-287-3221
F: 207-287-7548

PO Box 46086 RPO Westdale
Winnipeg, MB, CAN, R3R 3S3
P: 204-885-7770
F: 204-831-0942

300 East Towsontown Boulevard
Towson, MD 21286
P: 410-296-9682
F: 410-296-9687

101 Federal Street
12th Floor
Boston, MA 02110
P: 617-979-8400
F: 617-725-0258

3062 West Grand Boulevard
Suite L-700
Detroit, MI 48202-6062
P: 313-456-4100
T: 313-456-4200

1100 Canterbury Road
Suite 100
Shakopee, MN 55379
P: 952-496-7950
F: 952-496-7954

PO Box 9697
Mobile, AL 36691
P: 251-653-4820

5903 Walker Avenue
Lincoln, NE 68507
P: 402-471-4155

557 West Silver Street
Suite 207
Elko, NV 89801
P: 775-738-7191
F: 775-738-3608

Racing and Charitable Gaming Division
14 Integra Drive
Concord, NH 03301
P: 603-271-3391
F: 603-271-1160

140 East Front Street
3rd Floor
PO Box 088
Trenton, NJ 08625
P: 609-292-0613
F: 609-599-1785

4900 Alameda NE
Albuquerque, NM 87113
P: 505-222-0700
F: 505-222-0713

PO Box 7500
Schenectady, New York 12301-7500
P: 518-388-3300
F: 518-388-3403

500 N 9th Street
Bismarck, ND 58501-4509
P: 701-328-4633
F: 701-328-4280

77 South High Street
18th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-6108
P: 614-466-2757
F: 614-466-1900

2800 N. Lincoln Boulevard
Suite 220
Oklahoma City, OK 73107-2431
P: 405-943-6472
F: 405-943-6474

90 Sheppard Avenue E
Suite 200
Toronto, ON, CAN M2N 0A4

P: 416-326-8700

F: 416-326-5555

800 NE Oregon Street
Suite 310
Portland, OR 97232
P: 971-673-0207
F: 971-673-0213

2301 North Cameron Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110
P: 717-787-5196
F: 717-787-2271

c/o Junta Hipica de Puerto Rico
Apsrtado 30229
San Juan, PR 00929-1229
P: 787-762-5210
F: 787-762-5377

Department of Gaming and Athletics
1511 Pontiac Avenue
Cranston, RI 02920
P: 401-462-9500
F: 401-462-9532

PO Box 5054
2500 Victoria Avenue
Regina, SK, CAN S4P 3M3
P: 306-787-4709
F: 306-798-0052

445 East Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501-3185
P: 605-773-6050
F: 605-773-6053

PO Box 12080
Austin, TX 78711
P: 512-833-6699
F: 512-833-6907

P.O. Box 79
Port of Spain, TT
P: 868-646-1986 Ext 2004
F: 868-646-0103

5707 Huntsman Road
Suite 201-B
Richmond, VA 23250
P: 804-966-7400
F: 804-966-7418

6326 Martin Way
Suite 209
Olympia, WA 98516
P: 360-459-6462
F: 360-459-6461

900 Pennsylvania Avenue
Suite 533
Charleston, WV 25302
P: 304-558-2150
F: 304-558-6319

Energy II Building
Suite 335
951 Werner Court
Casper, WY 82601
P: 307-265-4015
F: 307-265-4279

The "William May" Award

In recognition of an individual or entity that has had a profound positive effect on professional racing.   This is the ARCI’s highest award.

Past Recipients:

1986  Robert P. Strub, Santa Anita

1987  Breeders’ Cup Ltd.

1988  Daily Racing Form

1989  Stanley F. Bergstein, HTA

1990  James P. Ryan, Ryan Foundation

1991  The Jockey Club

1992  William Shoemaker, Jockey

1993  Tony Chamblin, ARCI

1994  Joe Hirsch, Racing Columnist

1995  Paul Mellon, Philanthropist

1996  Allen Paulson, Owner and Breeder

1997  James E. Bassett III, Keeneland

1998  Fred Noe, USTA

1999  Bob and Beverly Lewis, Horse Owners

2000  R.D. Hubbard, Track, Horse Owner

2001  John R. Gaines, Horse Owners, Breeders’ Cup

2002  American Quarter Horse Association

2003  American Association of Equine Practitioners

2004  Racetrack Chaplaincy Program

2005  Lonny T. Powell, Past RCI President and CEO

2006  Curtis Barrett, University of Louisville

2007  American Greyhound Council

2008  University of Arizona, Race Track Industry Program

2009  Richard Duchossois, Arlington Park

2010  Paul J. Bowlinger, Former RCI Employee

2011  Team Zenyatta

2012  John and Barbara Smicklas

2013  Steve Barham

2014  Jim Gowen, TRPB

2015  W. Dalton Dietrich, Ph.D.

2016  Dan Fick

2017  Racing Medication and Testing Consortium

2018  Cecil Alexander

The "Len Foote" Award

In recognition of exemplary service and contribution to racing integrity by a Commission Executive Director as chosen by his/her peers.

Past Recipients:

1991 Bill Linton, Arizona

1992 Bruce Garland, New Jersey

1993 Gordon Hare, Oklahoma

1994 Larry Eliason, South Dakota

         Dennis Oelschlager, Nebraska

1995 Ken Kirchner, Pennsylvania

1996 Frank Lamb, Wyoming

1997 Steve Barham, Oregon

1998 Frank Zanzuccki, New Jersey

1999 Joe Gorajec, Indiana

2000 Roy Wood, California

2001 Bruce Batson, Washington

2002 Cliff Nelson, Ohio

2003 John Wayne, Delaware

2004 Charles Gardiner III, Louisiana

2005 Paul M. Kelley, New Hampshire

2006 Stan Bowker, Virginia

2007 Dan Hartman, Colorado

2008 Ben Nolt, Pennsylvania

2009 Lisa E. Underwood, Kentucky

2010 Charla Ann King, Texas

2011 Dick Krueger

2012 Tino Rieger

2013 Hugh Gallagher, Delaware Harness

2014 Marc Laino, Illinois

2015 Tom Sage, Nebraska

2016 Doug Moore, Washington

2017 Mike Hopkins, Maryland

2018 Marc Guilfoil, Kentucky


Related Groups & Organizations

Racing Medication and Testing Consortium (RMTC)

RCI members are active participants in the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium.  RCI President Ed Martin serves on the Board of Directors of the RMTC along with Dr. Lynn Hovda, Chair of the Regulatory Veterinarians Committee.    Alternate Directors include the Chair of the RCI Drug Testing Standards and Practices  Committee, Duncan Patterson of the Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission, and Michael Hopkins, Executive Secretary of the Maryland Racing Commission. 

RCI members support the RMTC indirectly through the dedication, time and talent of individual commission employees, vendor laboratories and association staff.

Racing Officials Accreditation Program (ROAP)

RCI Model Rules require that commission racing officials be properly accredited through programs approved by the Racing Officials Accreditation Program and conducted by approved program hosts.  The association supports ROAP both financially and by the participation of staff in ROAP projects.    Former RCI Director Frank Lamb serves as Chair of the Steward’s Committee which functions as a joint committee of the ROAP and ARCI.  RCI President Ed Martin serves as a member of the ROAP Board of Directors.

ROAP sets criteria for accreditation and reviews and approves the content of Steward Schools and continuing education programs.

Organization of Racing Investigators (ORI)

The Organization of Racing Investigators provides an intelligence network of information between track level investigators working for regulatory commissions, licensed tracks, and groups such as the TRPB.   The ORI holds an annual training session for its members to examine the latest investigatory techniques, enforcement concerns, and effective tactics.

The ARCI provides organizational support for the ORI.

National Racing Compact (NRC)

The National Racing Compact is an government agency/interstate compact providing multi-jurisdictional licensing services to industry participants and commissions.  The NRC operates out of the RCI offices under a management agreement between the two entities.